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Why are we a team of two doulas?

The way we work together has come about over seven years, since the start of our doula journey. We started off backing each other up, sharing a mama’s post-natal care or taking over from each other at a long birth. We always found that everyone got so much more out of their doula care when there was two of us, each doula bringing their own experience and way of being to the process and adding to it.

At the start of 2019, we decided to team up for every birth we support.

We now feel safe and relaxed in the knowledge that we always have backup in place and that our families know us both well. That we can share the on-call periods and support families even during holiday times. That we can draw on each other’s knowledge and skills to support every birth and post-natal period in the most positive way possible.

And you can feel safe and relaxed in the knowledge that you will know who comes to your birth, that there is a fountain of knowledge and birth wisdom at your disposal, and that you have a circle of women surrounding you before, during and after the birth of your baby – the way it was meant to be.


"Thank you so much for literally everything. Your tender care for me, my baby and my partner has given me much strength and confidence as a new mum. Your gentle reassurance and advice have helped me to continue to breastfeed and overcome the many problems I have had. I have looked forward to every time you enter our house, as you bring a lovely air of calm. I could feel my shoulders lower by at least an inch." S.H., Brighton

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