Birth Debrief Sessions

These Debrief sessions are for anyone. You may have had your baby very recently, 20 years ago, or longer.


These sessions are a space for you.

You can have your story heard, if you want or need to tell it.

You can have your feelings acknowledged and validated.

You may want to talk about any difficulties you are experiencing that seem to be related to your birth experience.


You may want to understand the changes you would like to experience with any difficult symptoms lifted.

We listen, we ask questions, and explore.

There may be useful exercises you can take away with you, to use and apply to other areas of your life.

The work is informed by aspects Alexandra Heath's debrief work, Inner Child Therapy, and Radical Birth Keeping approaches.


We offer a first session of upto an hour and a half, and subsequent sessions if wanted of upto an hour.

First session £65, (Upto 1.5 hours)

subsequent sessions £50 (Upto an hour)

Please get in touch if this is prohibitive.

Get in touch to book your listening and debrief session. 

It's not too late.

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