Birth Doula Services

As doulas, we focus on you and your partner making sure you feel safe and calm, loved and heard.

This gives you the space and confidence you need to birth your baby your way - the best start to family life.

We see birth as sacred, and the transition into motherhood as one of the most important and transformative times in your life. Every woman should be surrounded by loved ones and women and supported throughout pregnancy, birth and the first 40 days, so she can thrive as a birthing woman and mother.

We offer non-medical and non-judgemental support for you and those you want with you at the birth of your baby. We will give you information, help you to make your birth choices and fully support the choices you make. We can help you clarify what's important to you, which can form your birth plan. Together, we will explore ideas of the support you might like and equally be clear about what you don't want.

We will take time for physical support and for emotional exploration for you and your birth partner, for example looking at past birth experiences, in order that this birth is greeted as its own experience rather than a response to a previous one. For your chosen birth partner, this can mean an exploration of what it means to support a loved one in labour with all the emotional challenges it might bring. This will emerge as we meet and get to know each other in the meetings before baby arrives.

We are trained and experienced in using different natural support methods during labour and birth, like homeopathy, acupressure points, reflexology, rebozo, positions, water, aromatherapy oils, massage...

No one can guarantee that your baby will be born in the way that you envisage, but we can work together so that you feel empowered and heard in the choices you make for you, your baby and your birth.



We have attended many births, with a mix of vaginal births at home, in water and in hospital, as well as caesarean births. We have supported teenage mums, older mums, single mums, dad couples, mum couples.

(The most unusual birth was with a woman in labour being delivered to a rural Indian clinic by

horse and cart).

If you are interested in honouring your placenta, we can also give you some information and​ support.​​​​​​​​​​​




“Thank you for all your support in helping me have a wonderful healing birth. I am so happy this baby had a peaceful birth.” 


"Marein and Vibha nurtured us from pregnancy through a complicated birth and our first few weeks as a new family. As a first time mum with little local support, I was grateful for the balance of calm, intuition, strength and softness that they brought to a whirlwind time. Working with them I was able to prepare emotionally and physically for birthing, including preparing to let go of my own expectations and trust things to play out, and sitting with (or even welcoming) the many emotional nuances that arose in the transition to becoming a mother. Their presence during birthing also supported my partner as he did not have to play every role of advocating, etc., but could focus on his own strengths of being there for me. They were true heroes during a long birthing process, and I will forever thank Vibha for ensuring we got the breast crawl that started our beautiful journey into feeding. The wisdom reaped from my time with these women is still showing itself now, over a year later. I am grateful to them in helping get my baby safely earthside and helping me to become who I am as a mother. " R.G.

“Ein riesengroßes Dankeschön, dass du bei der Geburt unseres Kleinen dabei warst und uns so wunderbar geholfen hast. Es hat gut getan zu wissen, dass du die ganze Zeit an unserer Seite warst, ohne dich hätte ich sicher nicht geschafft, so viel Stärke und Ruhe zu finden.” J.R.

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